753 Mehedibag, Chittagong, Bangladesh

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Facilities & Rate Chart on Services Required


Training Room (AC )Tk. 5,500.00 ( Per Day)
Training Room (AC )Tk. 3,000.00 ( Half Day as Per Condition)
Training Room (Non AC )Tk. 3,500.00 ( Per Day)
Training Room (Non AC )Tk. 2,000.00 ( Half Day as Per Condition)
Venue RentTk. 3,000.00 ( Family Programs/ Group Programs)
(2 rooms could be used for taking rest/washroom uses)
BCCT Main Building Accomodation Facilities:

Single Room ( AC, Couple Bed)Tk. 1200.00 (Per Day, Per Room)3 Nos
Double Bed Room (AC)Tk. 1200.00 (Per Day, Per Room)2 Nos
Double Bed Room (Non AC)Tk. 800.00 (Per Day, Per Room)5 Nos
Dormitory Seat ( Non AC) Tk. 300.00 (Per Day per Person) 12 Seat
BCCT International House Accommodation Facilities:

Couple Bed (AC)Tk. 3500.00 (Per Day)1 Nos
Double Bed Room (AC)Tk. 3500.00 (Per Day)2 Nos
If you want to rent a complete International House then pay Tk. 10,000.00 (Per Day)
Note: Breakfast Complementary ( 2 persons for each room) in BCCT International House Accommodation facilities.
NB: AC service depend on supply of electric power. The AC room would be convert as Non AC on demand.

Food Menu: (Package 1)

  1. Breakfast: Loaf/ Parata, Vegetable Bhaji / Dal Bhaji with chicken piece/ Chicken Soup, Boiled
    Egg, Banana, Tea/ Coffee.
  2. Snacks & Tea : Bengali Traditional Pitha/ Vegitable Pakora/ Egg Potato Chop with Salad or
    Tomato sauce / Noodles /Plain Peace Cake/ Chicken roll or Patties, Fruits, Mineral Water
    (330ml) & Tea/ Coffee.
  3. Lunch & Dinner : Chicken Biriani/Pollao/ Vegetable Fried Rice, Chinese Vegetable, Fish (Rui)/
    Chicken (Sonali) Curry, Salad, Mineral Water (500ml) & Soft Drinks (250ml).
  4. If the food menu & additional extra mineral water changes, the price will be determined

    according to the menu.

Package per day per person Tk. 1100.00