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National Mourn Day 2020 Celebration

National mourn day celebrated in the BITA-ROSC school. Painting, essay competition and discussion meeting arranged in the 40 ROSC School. The chief Guest of the discussion meeting was Mr. Mahbub Hasan Shahin, Project Director, ROSC. Executive Director of BITA Mr. Sisir Dutta was also present in the meeting. Chief Guest said that if you want to know “Bangabandhu” you should read. He discusses the sacrifice of Bangabandhu from 1966 to 1971. He gives the “Unfinished Autobiography of Bangabandhu” to the ROSC learners.




BITA is working on child rights ground from the beginning of the organization. Education is one of the fundamental rights of the children. BITA is implementing en education program for out of school children from 2017 by the financial support of ministry of Primary and Mass education, Bangladesh Government and World Bank also the technical support of Save the Children International. The program is for the Urban Slum Children who are not engaged with primary education of main stream. The name of the program is “Reaching Out- Of- School Children (ROSC), phase-II. The aim of the project is to ensure standard education and to resist drop out of slum area’s school going children. Through this project totally fifty thousand under privileged children, age group of 8-14 years, are getting education


BITA has established 40 Ananda schools at 21 wards of Chittagong City Corporation area. About 5650 children are getting primary education from these schools. The children are getting education by accelerated model syllabus. They are acquiring books, education materials, exam fees, uniform and shoe free. They also getting education allowance as inspiring to continue the education. Children will receive education from Grade-I to Grade-V. They will appear in the PECE examination as Grade-V completion. The infrastructure of the school campus is consist on 4/5/6 rooms. There is 1 Child Club in every school for the recreational and mental refreshment. It is an innovative initiative of this program.The activities of the Child Club are painting, drama practicing, story book reading, singing, dancing etc. Teachers are appointed from the catchment areas.


Student allowance distribution

BITA the project Reaching out of school children ROSC , Phase 2 has implemented 40 school under Director of Primary Education, Ministry of Primary & Mass Education Department. China firstly indentified the covid-19 but after that from the beginning of the year 2020 it spreads all over the world. The first covid patient identified in Bangladesh on 8th march. The school closed since March”2020 due to effect of Pandemic situation. Anondo schools students also have been suffering much to lead their life due to pandemic. They spend their days in fear and uncertainty. During the pandemic situation school teachers regular follow up students by phone. Teachers are aware about health protection tips, hygiene, Child abuse, Early marriage to students by phone.
The student’s families are very poor. As there going a lockdown situation they are facing a lot of problem to earn their income and some family don’t have any income at all. This allowance has come to very helpful to them .The officers of Sonali Bank have distributed allowance among 4828 students in a proper hygienic way.


Dr. Ashish Goswami visited the BITA program


The famous Theatre personality of India visited the BITA programme from 2nd February to 10th February in Bangladesh. He is starting a write-up on BITA from the beginning to till. He gathered a practical experience from the visit of the programme. He started a research on BITA and its activities. He discussed with people and all other stakeholders of the BITA & also attend Art workshop in the Urban Slum Anando School of BITA.


Teachers Training of ROSC Project


Teacher training is regular process of ROSC project. For refreshment and develop skill of teaching learning process, BITA organize training every year. In this year also organized teacher training on 19th August. This year subject based primary teacher hired for training. 40 ROSC teacher received training on English from Government Primary teacher. The subject of the training was Questionnaire development, reading skill development, word-stock development, teaching learning process and weak student progress process.
ROSC Project Coordinator and all PO were present during the training. Trainer and all the staff decided that, for develop the learners English capacity some steps are very essential, such as- to give pressure on reading, teacher preparedness before teaching, to give importance of word stock, Carry on the cultural activities with study, seating arrangement will be weak and strong student jointly, to provide strong teaching learning process.



They now know, how to make

Four days workshop has been organized in the BITA-ROSC Ananda School on 13, 15, 20, 21th May at Beltoli school. The subject of the workshop was how to make “Puppet” from the plastic wastage. The learners of the Ananda school are underprivileged children.
For the social and family environment they cannot get any scope to delegate their creativity as they have creative mentality. So they do not think them important person of the society. They never think that they have an ability to give something to the society. They never think “We can”. BITA try to help the underprivileged children for delegate their creativity and to grow self confident with them. Then the children should think that they have to do something for the society, for the family. This is also a workshop for the children to do something better, to learn something better. 15 learners of BITA Beltoli Ananda school whereas 10 girls and 5 boys participated in the workshop. Their age was 11 to 14 years. The whole workshop facilitated by Salahuddin Mahmud Bappi and Sarmin Sultana Rasha of BITA. In the workshop children learnt the making process of “Puppet” from the plastic wastage. They are very happy to learn it. Their guardian is also happy. BITA Executive Director Mr. Sisir Dutta was present in the last day and appreciated the learners and facilitators to do such a creative works.


ROSC school observes National Mourning Day

Cultural intervention is one of the techniques of ROSC project. Every year 15th August observe in the ROSC school. This year also we arrange Essay competition on Bangabandhu, painting, quiz competition of 15th August observation. All the teachers, PO, Project Coordinator, students and CMC members were present in the program. 15th August observed in the total 40 school of ROSC. At the end of the program a discussion meeting arranged on Bangabandhu and prize distributed also.


Allowance disbursement in BITA-ROSC Ananda school


40 schools of Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) project running in the Chattogram City Corporation area from 2017 by the management of BITA. The project supported by Primary and Mass Education ministry of Bangladesh Gov’t. Under privilege children from the slum area are the learners of these school. They learn here as free of cost. They also get an allowance from the project. Sonali Bank is disbursing this allowance from the beginning.In the month of June/2019, 14 branch of Sonali Bank in Chittagong disbursed this allowance among the learners of ROSC-II project for continue their education. About 5230 learners received the allowance. Learners, their guardians and CMC president were present at the allowance disbursement moment. Several brunches of Sonali Bank officers disbursed the Allowance in the School compound. Learners and their guardians are very happy to get the allowance by this time. The guardians express their opinion that it is an inspiration for the learners to continue their education.