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BITA initiatives in covid 19


Hand Washing Centre

BITA have fixed 7 hand washing centre in the Chattogram City. Hand wash is one of the most important elements of prevention from CORONA virus. People have no place to wash their hand in the outside of their home. So BITA have taken this initiative for easy access of hand washing in the outside. BITA fixed it 7 point of our working area where more people come and go. The places are in front of shahid lane primary school, shahid lane bazar, beltoli of Pahartali and in front of councilor office 29 no ward, Jugichand lane bazar, halapukurpar, udayan gali of Matherbari. Soap and water are available in the hand washing point. Our youth members supply it regularly. We established 4 hand washing centre in 29 no ward and 3 hand washing centre in Pahartali. Anybody can wash his hand in the hand washing point. It is easy for children also. About 1150 people wash their hands regularly in these 7 hand washing points.

BITA E-learning Initiatives

As a non-government organization, Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts (BITA) for the last 25 years has established its presence in the society by applying culturally oriented approach to development. Its unique approach to development has allowed the organization to exert its influence in the lives of the local communities living in the remote part of the country. The various interactive communicative tools developed by BITA with a particular emphasis on theatre have been widely used for social mobilization, generating awareness, and promoting a culture where human rights values are upheld. These means of communication have empowered many marginalized people in the community particularly the youths.




BITA youth group of EWASC project arranged an awareness program on prevention from Corona Virus in the Pahartali area of Chattogram. They announced by the hand mike how to prevent from Corona virus and distributed mask (300 mask), leaflet and using poster for aware the people.




BITA distributed corona (Covid-19) virus prevention materials hand gloves, masks, soaps & leaflet for awareness to the 1250 families of the IDR Project area Ramgoti Upazila, Char Algi, Barakheri and Char Gazi Union.



BITA youth group of BCTIP project arranged an awareness program with Patiya Upazila on prevention of Corona Virus in the Patiya project area of Chattogram. They aware people how to prevent from Corona virus and distributed the leaflets.


BITA is raising awareness of the locals through drama at the grassroots level to prevent human trafficking. BITA has a local youth volunteer working as a peer leader in the BCTIP Project Cox’s Bazar Area.The global pandemic is currently active at the ground level in combating the corona virus. Various pesticides and public awareness programme has been observed with the participation of peer leaders of the Teknaf Upazila Hnila Union. Peer leaders will continue the program with the local administration to raise awareness among the general public.


BITA Anti-Covid-19 campaign in Rohingya camps

We are fighting against the pandemic COVID-19. CIAS project team of BITA has been working at Rohingiya camps. The field worker & volunteers are doing some activities in the camp how to prevent COVID-19. Yard meeting, announcement in the mosques & moktob, postering, miking and leaflet distribution and also aware the people to avoid Rumors in the camps.


Corona (Covid-19) virus awareness videos