753 Mehedibag, Chittagong, Bangladesh


Since inception BITA has emphasized on participatory investigative mode to design program interventions as well as contribute in knowledge generation & expansion. While starting the organization has conducted study „Cultural Heritage of Fisher folk Community in Chittagong ‟ to reveal the culture & life-struggle of this marginalized community. That work helped BITA to intervene program actions with their active involvement and play role to expose cultural potency & heritage. Other significant research works accomplished by BITA are:

  1. An Exploration of the Child Rights Situation in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, BANGLADESH
  2. Study on the Usefulness of Alternative Media Campaign in Popularizing Local Government Issues
  3. Marriage in Bangladesh: When It is Too Early
  4. Situation Analysis on Rural Artists in Greater Noakhali
  5. Colorful People of Bangladesh
  6. Exposition and History of Traditional Musical Instruments for the youth
  7. Social Audit on VGD Program
  8. Situation Analysis on Improved Educational Services for Children of Indigenous Groups in Bandarban under Chittagong Hill Tracts Area