753 Mehedibag, Chittagong, Bangladesh

International Workshop

Bastuhara Colony; 35 no ward of Chittagong City Corporation situated near the banks of Karnafully River. Majority of the inhabitants in this ward are low income people engaged in dry fish godown, lime work, Rickshaw Puller and CNG garage from dawn to dusk to earn the livings. Children of these low earning people also work as a helping held with their parents. To enlighten these working & underprivileged children with the main stream BITA established Non formal Education Center.

A two day long Puppet workshop was conducted by Julia Lingit with these underprivileged children of non formal education center. Julia Lingit is a famous German Actress and Director who runs the organization Actor.com actor in Berlin, Germany. She also performs Puppet Theatre with German Children. In this 2 days workshop she employed these children how to use used materials such as: old Newspaper, Old carton, used tissue paper, bamboo, and stick to prepare puppet. Later on children prepared a puppet with their own thought and story using these materials. German theatre activist Catirine Natarova helped Julia in the overall workshop. Beside that with the invitation of Asia Regional Theater and Education Network (ARTEN), Julia Lingit graced with her presence in a seminar named “Masters of Intuition: An Interactive Dialogue with Theatre Activists” Jointly organized by BITA & Allianse Fransaise, Chittagong from 5 to 7 pm in 19 february,2014. Different theatre activists from different theatre groups in Chittagong, Journalists, students from Theatre and Arts department of Chittagong University were presented in that seminar.