753 Mehedibag, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Key Lesson Learned

Child development

Education intervention especially Child education have much acceptance in the society. So learning practices could be enlarged incorporating issues of human rights, democracy and patriotism as per their learning capturing capacity.

In order to establish child development process as integrated approach, along with encouraging participatory and leadership excellence; it is important to engender a flow of information among other children of the community.

The success that BITA has gained through linking the children from pre-school to formal primary schools need to be more methodologically followed up and in some cases education aid to be provided to ensure a sustainable quality education for those children

Adolescent & youth leadership

The adolescent initiatives of BITA especially adolescent development forum can contribute as fact findings to develop a national adolescent policy in Bangladesh.

The ultimate development of the adolescents especially in the ethnic community cannot be assured without involving the duty bearers with the intervention. Following that, they will be able to play a vital role as catalyst for the children whenever the children go for developing organized action.

Ensuring the sustainability of adolescents’ intervention at community level; it is important to build up process and mechanism to engage community based youth club with the intervention. As these youth clubs are structured by self-inspiration so these should be institutionally capacitated to support community with required assistance.

Employment based Education

Alternative livelihood promotion for the adolescents need to be considered as prime concern at the intervention level so that adolescents’ creative development could be supplements by economic empowerment. A well reputed market value chain can create a wider sustainable stipulation for the youth’s production. In(Chittagong Hill Tracts) one village one production concept would integrate the pin-point concentration and explore the production of the children & youth.

TVET will be able to increase the functional competencies of children, adolescents and youth groups. Here local level advocacy could be initiated to link with service institute with the Children capacity building on TVET

Women empowerment

There are inadequate collaboration among the organization working on violence against women due to less space of sharing of competency and opportunity. A need has been felt to strengthen effective linkage among various forum and platform working on women rights issues.

An integrate approach to prevent human trafficking could be build up by addressing multi stakeholder such as government officials, judicial law, enforcement agencies of the targeted areas helped BITA to approach the relevant stakeholders for obtaining support services for reducing human trafficking.

The introduced of livelihood Support Activities will save vulnerable women from being trafficked. But, effective implementation and monitoring strategies are essential to make the scheme a success.

The livelihood modalities brought a meaningful change in the lives of marginalized women and their families. It is noticed that they have raised their income at the individual level. But it is experienced that market linkages for their products have to be given equal importance for sustainable economic empowerment.

Grass root mobilization

Most of the grass root artists are poor and live by physical labor. They’re inclined to cultural practices due to inner attraction. Patronizing of Government and elites could gear up their practices and extension of expertise to new generation.

Achieving long term vision of mainstreaming cultural approach in development, it is now important to organize a group of committed human resources who can generate new concepts and ideas and pass on the direction to the people for meaningful changes in the lives of the poor.

Cultural Campaign & advocacy

This is proved that as campaign strategy cultural modalities particularly. THEATER is an effective Communication tools in Bangladesh

Building inter generation bridging & ensuring women participation cultural tools means important rolls

Folk cultural forms revived through campaign, and got credibility to people’s as a means of entertainment and learning new thing

Cultural campaign is created with a truly success in development arena. The initiatives of cultural campaign would require more concentration by institute building and wider collaboration in global and regional phenomenon.

Accountable local Government & different professionals

Most of the local government actors want to serve for the betterment of the people. But there constraints of inadequate understanding, illegal local influence and inadequate institutional strength.

The consensus that has been developed among different professionals through knowledge and information sharing on human rights would effectively put tighter to formulate advocacy initiatives for the marginalized people.

Interventions with government officials, judicial, law enforcement agencies of the targeted areas helped the implementation team to approach the relevant stakeholders for obtaining support services.

Local Institution building

Capacity building as per demand & opportunity from Chittagong Hill tracts would have a wider scope for building for building their individual carrier through getting their job based education and learning.

The development mental structure for affiliation the child initiatives in community level; can contribute in the arena of sustainability of the program. The transmission process of the indigenous knowledge and competencies would create a skill and confident generation for future linkage of development. Working though organized manner observed useful to develop skill & networking. To sustain such organized form in grassroots should get log-term support.There are supportive officials in government’s nation building department and administrative set up. Effective identification and making linkage with them could bring significant results in extending cultural intervention sand supporting of cultural resources.