753 Mehedibag, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Theatre Meenkanya

Meenkanya is a story on cross border women trafficking issue
developed on stage theatre format.

World Children Day

Celebrate world children day with refugee children’s at refugee

Children Education

A great initiative for under privilege children education on urban slam

Theatre for Development

TFD intervention in Rohinga Camp Cox’s Bazar


Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts (BITA), a non-government organization, has been administering development initiatives focusing human rights, cultural upliftment and poverty alleviation since 1994. The then a group of intellectuals, grass root artists and development activists have founded BITA who believed that culture can be an instrumental approach for development to establish a sustainable mechanism towards poverty reduction.

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The BITA (Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts) is one of the non-governmental organizations

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Education intervention especially Child education have much acceptance in the society

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Our Involvement

Child Marriage

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Cultural Promotion

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Violence Against Women

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Women Empowerment

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Youth Idea Chittagong

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Youth Empowerment

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Senior Citizenship Program

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Our Present Initiatives

Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC) Phase-2 (Urban Slam Children Education)

BITA is working on child rights ground from the beginning of the organization. Education is one of the fundamental rights of the children.

The goal of the project is to contribute to preparing communities to better withstand reoccurring natural disasters.

Building preparedness of vulnerable communities through inclusive disaster risk reduction initiatives (IDR-2)

People’s Jubilant Engagement for Tobacco Free Chittagong City

BITA is started a project named “People’s Jubilant Engagement for Tobacco Free Chittagong City”.


BITA is started a project named “People’s Jubilant Engagement for Tobacco Free Chittagong City”. The objective of the project is to develop the Chittagong City Corporation as a Tobacco free model city for the country and region through effective implementation of the Tobacco Control law with an emphasis on the Tobacco Advertisement, Promotion and Sponsorship (TAPS) ban provisions.

We are very happy that the 15th Issue of E-news letter have been published. In this period National Memorial Day observed in all of our ROSC Ananda school.

Over again we are in the lead of our readers with E-News letter- 14th issue.

As we are at the eve of Christmas and New Year season, with all the joy, excitement and merriment that is part of the tradition.


Culture and development correlation is vital for fostering human dignity. Materialistic development alone couldn’t fulfill human aspirations. Bangladesh has gradually achieved significant socio-economic progress. BITA believes integrating cultural development could make sure the advancement sustainable. Let all be connected with cultural motivational activities.

Sisir Dutta

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