753 Mehedibag, Chittagong, Bangladesh


Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) BITA has provided as well as supported to avail alternative livelihood education for youth so that that becomes involved with decent employment opportunities. The ethnic youth of have gained capacity to avail employment opportunity in the area of ICT, Arts & Fashion and Crafts. Some already availed decent employment opportunities in the formal and informal sectors whereas some are engaged in self-employed enterprises. Simultaneously youth of plain land got training through linkage building with Youth Directorate & local resources and facilitated them to become involved with income generating activities. BITA has established the outlet “Eengmak” – a display and sale centre -in Bandarban to promote and sustain the livelihood initiatives of capacitated adolescents and youth where they supply product and get involved into market value chain. This hub serves as supporting centre for drop out children to get education again as well as continuation of study of poor families‟ children involving in employment generating initiatives.

Youth Empowerment Young people could be key force for social change. In happening so, BITA effectively involved the youth in development initiatives making equipped them with knowledge & skills, and facilitated to explore their creative energies so that they could play positive role in the family, community and country. So a considerable the youth devoted themselves in awareness raising on social issues through cultural modalities especially theatre, support children to get education, stopping early marriage & drug addiction, dissolve local problems, participating in local level development activities and raise voice in favor of their rights. On the other hand, youth got opportunity to involve into employment. Now young people got opportunity to plan and work together for the betterment of themselves and community.

Decent Employment Opportunities and Sustainable Livelihoods The organization has succeeded to involve extreme poor and underprivileged people including ethnic communities into better livelihood options. It‟s note-worthy that older people of coastal area included into income generating activities effectively as their choices and opportunities and making remarkable progress towards acceleration of livelihoods. Youth, women and adolescents capacitated on different trades, and involved themselves into 161 income generation and supports family expenses. Some employed program participants are continuing their education using the money earned by engagement in income generating activities.

Pre-Vocational Skills Training Program (ROSC phase-2 project)

ROSC phase-2 project extended Urban Slum Children Education program and Pre Vocational Skills Training Program by Directorate of Primary Education under Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. These programs are directly contributing to SDG goal 8 (Full and productive employment and decent work for all). Based on successes and experience of pilot phase where Save the Children rendered Technical Assistance, the Pre-Vocational Skills Development Program is planned by Government of Bangladesh and development partner The World Bank in 90 upazilas where ROSC phase 1 carried out. Through the program 25,000 trainees will be provided demand-based training. BITA is working as Training Provider (TP) organization in 6 upazilas of Bandarban ( Lama Upazila), Cox‟s Bazar (Ukhiya & Teknaf Upazila) to reach 900 trainees ( Electric House Wiring & Solar Systeam, Electronics & Mobile Phone Servicing, Petrol & Diesel Engine Mechanics, Beauty Care,Hand Embroidery & Block Batic & Screen Printing. in order to provide training for skill development and create employment opportunities