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Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

Youth Group have Known the Labour Law from Training

Action for Impact project of BITA organize a day long training program for youth group on 22 May 2019 at BRAC Learning Center in Chittagong. 20 youth persons attended in the training. The subject of the training were Labour Law, Youth Policy and youth skill development policy. Youth persons came from BITA working area 9 and 29 noward of Chittagong City Corporation.

Bappa Chowdhury, project coordinator of BITA LRP-41 project, Sumaiya Ferdous, Deputy Manager monitoring and Farhadur Rahim, inspiration of Action Aid conducted the training. Participants of the training were very happy to take such a training, because they have lack of knowledge about Labour Law, Youth Policy and youth skill development policy. They understood the subject very clearly. They will arrange such type of training in their area to create consciousness of the youth.

Youth Initiative

TiE is an innovative initiative of BITA. BITA-EWASCproject youth group of Pahartali initiated a program of Dengu elimination. The program was arranged on 19.08.2019, it was an awareness program. The youth group member cleared the stored water, wastage and other living place of Adis Mosquito. They started by rally, banner, festoon ware showed in the rally.

They also announced the symbol of Dengu fever, how remove from dengu fever and the people prevent from dengu by hand mike. They moved in more area of the Pahartoli. Community were engaged in the rally. Community accepted their program cordially. Community knew about the cause of Dengu, symbol of dengu fever and the prevention from dengu from this program.The restricted ward counselor (9, 10, 3 ward) Mrs Abida azad attended in the program. She also moved from one area to another with the youth group.

Youth are the Power of Future

A youth fair arranged in the Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Chattogram on 27thNovember 2019. The youth fair organized by BITA and YPSA by the help of Action Aid Bangladesh.There were three session in the youth fair, First session subject are Opening Ceremony & Stall visitand interaction by guest, Talk Show/ Panel DiscussionTopic: Employment Opportunity for Youth, Showcasing/ Recognizing Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship ideas. The 2ndsession subject are Panel Discussion Topic: Industry Demand Driven Skill. The 3rdsession subject is Motivational Session on Developing Soft Skill for Youth-CV Writing, Job preparation, Entrepreneurship. After the session a dramashow arranged on decent work. BITA drama team and youth members was the actor of the drama.The chief guest of the youth fair was Honourable Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation Mr A Z M Nasir Uddin. In the first session special guest were BGMEA senior deputy secretary Md Kolim Ullah Chowdhury, Chittagong Chember of Commerce and Industries director Md Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Chittagong women chamber of commerce and industries senior vice president Mrs Abida Mostafa, BKMEA director Shawkat Osman, Bangladesh Shishu Academy Chattogram Assistant director Nargis Sultana, Action Aid Bangladesh policy director Azgar Ali Sabry, BITA executive director Sisir Dutta and YPSA director Palash Chowdhury. In the second session the guest were Bangladesh Investment Development Authority Director general Mr Mohammad Yeassin, Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Centre executive engineer Mrs Farhana Akhter, Chattogram Mohila Technical Training Centre principal Engr. Ashrifa Tanzim, Bangladesh-Korea Technical Training Centre Chittagong vice-principal Engr. Nowrin Sultana,The Engineers Club Chittagong president Engr. Somen Kanungo. In the third session the guest were youth development directorate Kotwali Zone officer Md Jahan Uddin, Entrepreneurship consultant Mr Alamgir Mohammad Saikat, Bd Jobs Assistant director Md Jomir Hossain.

There were stall for the organizations activities display and for CV drop in the fair. The mentioned who are participated in the stall were Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Centre, Chattogram Mohila Technical Training Centre, Bangladesh-Korea Technical Training Centre, Youth development directorate, BSRM, RSRM, Brac Bank, Star LED company, Irish Fashion, Taj Food etc. About 772 CV dropped in the fair from job seeker. In the fair Honourable Mayor said, “Gov’t took remarkable step for youth development. Gov’t meet all peoples basic need for achieve the 2041 goal. Today all students get their text book in the first day of the year. He said, not only that to meet the unemployment problem of the youth Gov’t took step for their skill training in several trade and manage employment for them. For that skilled manpower is creating in the country.” He called youthsto take Gov’t provided chance to change their life. He said, Gov’t is always with youth for their progress.” The Chamber of Commerce and industries director said, “The most part of our population is youth. One of the part of them are unemployed.For this even today our country is not middle earning country. So if we want to become middle earning country, all persons should go ahead.” Engr. Ashrifa Tanzim said, “Women should go with men in the same way by taking skill development training. Chittagong Women Technical Training Centre is always with women. Not only that we manage the job after training for youth.” BITAC executive engineer said, “We provide skill training to the youths of Chittagong and give them job after training. So don’t think for job, take skill training, BITAC always with you”. Youth development officer Kotwali zone Mr Jahan Uddin called them to become entrepreneur. After all session a drama played in the youth fair by the BITA drama team on decent work.

Skill training can change the life of a youth

A dialogue has been arranged by BITA EWASC-A4I project on 10.12.2019. The subject of the dialogue was following the Public Service day observation. The Chief Guest of the dialogue was MohammadYeassin (Joint Secretary), Director General , Bangladesh Investment Development authority (BIDA), Chattogram division and the special guest were Engr. Ashrifa Tanzim, Principal (In-Charge), Chattogram Mohila Technical Training Centre, Mohammad Jahan Uddin, Youth Development Officer, Kotwali Unit Thana, Nibedita das, Vice-Principal (Running Responsibility), Bangladesh-Korea Technical Training Centre. BITA Project Manager A H M Hossain Monsuer delivered the opening speech. 23 BITA youth volunteers attended in the dialogue. Nibedita Das discuss about their trade. She said after the training they will give job of the trainee. They have job placement officer for giving job of the trainee. She invite the youths to attend their trade course and take training. Youth members through questions to her thus 1. Which trade is good for going similar way with Developed country 2. After learn sewing machine operating have institute give him job? 3. After learn Graphics Design have institute give him job? Engr. Ashrifa Tanzim discuss about their trade and service for the youth. She said, “ What you learn must be learn best”. She invite the youths to visit their centre and participate in any trade for training. Youth members through questions to her thus 1. I want to know about Food Processing 2. Have any limitation of age to take training in the Computer operation and Graphics Design ? 3. To take training of Driving is class-VIII qualification must ? She said after the training they will give job of the trainee.

. Youth Development Officer discuss about their trade. He said,“Not only self training will be take on commercial thinking. You must do something after taking training, as you can do job or starting entrepreneurship.” He discuss as an example of Mithai Sweet shop, Silver Spoon Chinese Resturent owner. He said the Owner took training from youth development and then start his business. He said that they have some exceptional trade like Clearing Forwarding, Out sourcing, Hotel Management, Livestock, Foresting, Nursery, Mushroom, Fish cultivation on Bio-Flux system. He mainly spoke a motivation speech. Youth members through questions to him thus 1. Can women be participate in the Bio-Flux system fish cultivation ? He invite the youths to take training from their department. The chief guest and Director General of BIDA discuss about their service. He said,”BIDA develop the entrepreneur, anybody can take the training on entrepreneurship from BIDA and then start the business.” He said anybody can go to the corporate job by taking training from BIDA. Youth members through questions to her thus 1. After taking training on Fish cultivation, have taken help from BIDA? 2.After taking training on Food Processing, have taken help from BIDA? 3. Have any loan for Fish cultivation? 4. Tostart the business, have any loan be given?. He invite the youth for entrepreneurship training in BIDA. At the end of the dialogue project manager said to the youth that they should take training with other youth of their area in any technical training centre thus the dialogue will be meaningful. Some of the youth gave their name in the spot to take training in CMTTC, BKTTC and Youth Development directorate training in the trade of Graphics Design, Mechanical, Driving, Sewing machine operating, Beautification, sewing Machine Maintenance.

Awareness Program on Prevention from Corona Virus in Chottogram

BITA youth group of EWASC project arranged an awareness program on prevention from Corona Virus in the Pahartali area of Chattogram. They announced by the hand mike how to prevent from Corona virus and distributed the leaflets to the peoples.

BITA youth groups has taken some initiatives in 29 no and 9 no ward for aware the people of our working area, they initiated an awareness program on 09.03.2020 in 9 no ward 22.03.2020 in 29 no ward. They announced by the hand mike about the prevention step from Corona Virus. They distributed musk (300 musk), leaflet and using poster for aware the people. Our youth group distributed relief (commodity) to the poor people (about 30 families) who are now staying in the house as per instruction of Government on 28.03.2020 and 29.03.2020 in 29 no ward Halapukur Par.